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Welcome to Mentaports SDK documentation.


Mentaport is the geo-location platform serving both Web3 and Web2 worlds with secure and private context trigger information.

Context Triggers

Who When Where


Building secure and private connections to geo-location information is challenging, especially on the end user side. People are tired of being targeted with cookies and tracked without their consent or knowledge of who is using their data.

With the lack of developer tools around geo-location, developers today are limited in the type of IRL experiences they can create.


And this is why we built Mentaport: To fill the need for IRL experiences and bring a new wave of applications to the decentralized world.


We are serving developers who want to have their applications react when something happens in a particular location privately and securely for their users.

With Mentaport, you can trigger events that have been predefined and backed by a smart contract, all by respecting your user's location privacy.


Our infrastructure consists of three main components:

  1. SDK: Web-based SDK to communicate with our rule engine and ML-based location verification that runs locally in the user's device.
  2. Rule Engine: what powers our triggers and our Mezzanine contracts
  3. Smart Contracts: On chian location and trigger modules

Data Privacy

At Mentaport, one of our core values is respect for data privacy. That's why we require that each of your users grant consent to our SDK to verify their location. Our location verification takes place on the client side to ensure utmost privacy. Importantly, this process only runs when the user is attempting to interact with a contract.